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Collette Star is a renowned Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Counsellor, Healer & Reiki Master with a pure connection and approach to the other realms. Well respected for her integrity and forthrightness, she is a highly regarded psychic counsellor from an Irish lineage motivated by a deep desire to help others

Suffering from TB and Meningitis for the first two years of her life, she has known of the spirit world ever since she was in her cot, and she still remembers interacting with spirit children from back then.




Spiritual counselling is just one part of Collette’s work. She was made a Baroness for the work she does in aid of various charities (including amongst others Trinity Hospice, St Martin’s in the Fields and various Homeless projects), though she keeps this involvement very low profile and distinct from the counselling and her mediumistic side.

She now runs workshops all over the UK for a wide audience of people interested in her extraordinary work. Collette has been published in a number of newspapers and magazines, she is a regular contributor to various other psychic publications and has been featured a number of times on the front page of the notably famous worldwide ‘Psychic News’